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From furniture store to hotel

The two buildings on 116 and 118 N Clinton Avenue were built at different times. If you examine the front you can notice slight color differences in the brick and limestone lintels. At some time the two buildings were modified, each floor added stairs between the buildings to combine them into one. The floors in the two buildings are slightly different heights. The 116/118 building served many decades as a furniture store before falling into disuse and disrepair.

The buildings were totally gutted to the brick structure and new electrical, plumbing, roofing, and fire sprinklers added. The team refurbished the buildings and transformed it into Heritage Place. The original stairway was preserved but had to be altered to meet new building codes.

Second annual Muster at the Mill at Uncle Johns’s – an album

Letters – An update on the rail car

We now have the trucks (wheels) and track needed to place the Sault Ste Marie in her place at the depot. We’re still going, thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers.

Please continue to donate to the GoFundMe page.

Marti Cooper