Vickie Salters worked in the Metallurgical Lab. Her job was to make sure our products, lining and steel, met specifications.

One of the projects I was involved with was the Chrysler Air Shoe. This part went into an air conditioner pump, and there were six of them per pump. We made hundreds of thousands of them because we also made them for Ford.

These parts were just under ¾ of an inch in diameter and were coined out of a blank. After going through an eight station rotary die they came out with a ball seat and a small oil hole in the center. The Lab would have the Toolroom cut them in half and grind them to a near perfect half circle and then they’d encase them in bakelite and polish it to a mirror finish. That way they could tell us how much lining we had before we hit steel.


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Last Modified: January 18, 2009