fm.jpgMarv Whitford started work at Federal-Mogul on January 17, 1955. His clock number, 337.

Marv was one-half of the tandem, “Moan and Groan.” The other half was Martin Galecka. Both of them were great workers but they liked to have fun with the foreman or anybody else they could pick on. For them it was a way of making “shop life” fun.

Marv was one of the better wall broach operators. He and Fred Fatura use to compete to see who could put out the best numbers running doubles on the wall broach. Doubles meant running two bearings at a time.

We’re talking 22,000 bearings in an 8-hour shift.


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Those days are gone now but thankfully these gentlemen still survive. Thanks for the great memories.

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Last Modified: December 30, 2010