This week the Paine-Gillam Scott Museum website will begin publishing the Civil War memoirs of Francis William Redfern in weekly serial form.

Francis William Redfern, son of Matthew Redfern and Hannah E. Hine, was born July 20, 1842 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and died March 31, 1936 in St. Johns. He married Eunice M. Sherman on September 30, 1866 in Montague, Muskegon Co., Michigan.

Redfern joined Company C, First Michigan Cavalry in January 1865. Later he served in the US Navy, on the ship Peterboro, patrolled the Shenandoah Valley and in May 1865 was in review of the Grand Army of the Republic in Washington D.C. He served in the Michigan Legislature Between 1893 – 1896 as the Representative from Clinton County in State House.

Redfern also wrote an account of his family. The family history is in the Paine-Gillam-Scott Museum Collection.

Mr. Redfern wrote of the adventures he experienced beginning in February 1865. He wrote this recollections of his time in the Civil War for his grandson and namesake, William.

The family history and the Civil War tales were donated to the museum in 1998 by Eleanor Annis.

The memoir begins here: Redfern Civil War memoirs, Part 1

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Last Modified: June 9, 2011