More visitors for Frank Jilka

Ron Higgins and his wife Karen came from the Seattle area to visit with Frank this weekend.

Jilka Family Band with Greg Jilka, Suzie Jilka Albin, Frank Jilka, (unknown), Ron Higgins and his wife Karen who is a very good musician too.

They joined the Jilka Family Band for some sight reading. We also played the Frank Jilka arrangement of the SJ Fightsong which Ron knew by heart.

Classmate Marilynn Henry Tonolin, RBW class of 1961 joined Frank and Ron.

We were also joined by Marilynn Henry Tonolin on clarinet.

Greg Jilka

Editor’s note: Ron had the nerve to wear a Spartan shirt in his first meeting with Frank. He later redeemed himself by wearing a Michigan shirt the next day. He also played with the Sebastopol Community Band.]

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Last Modified: July 16, 2014