January 30, February 6

Divorce decrees filed the week of January 30, 2012

Oliver, Susan and Donald

Hutchinson, Kelly Michele and Daniel Edward

Richard, Marquis Frank and Shawna Star

Aldrich, Kathy Kristene Blackie and Jerry Brent

Soltow, Julie and Hendrickson, Kevin

Spitzley, Joseph and Clark-Spitzley, Robyn

Holcomb, Adam J and Shanna K

Divorce decrees filed February 6, 2012

Blastic, Kory Robert and Laura Lee

Simpson, Raymond Leigh and Tracy Eileen

Erbskorn, Christine L. and Randy D.

Zuehlke, Lisa Marie and Tristan Charles

Grandy, Gordon Lloyd and Tamara Jolene

Riley, Kenneth Wilson Jr. and Rhonda Rea

Rewerts, Wayne and Jamie Irene

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Last Modified: February 16, 2012