Anja Maki and Harper School

I thought I would let you know that our dear family friend (and former St. Johns resident) Anja Maki passed away on January 29 at the age of 92. She had been living for the past couple of years in St. George, Utah to be near her daughter Lynne. She had her own house and was quite independent. She had a stroke on January 22 while at home alone, brushing her teeth. She passed away peacefully a week later and all four of her children had a chance to say good-bye.

Anja and Lynne went to Auburn, California the week after Christmas to visit her other daughter Hilma. My friend Susan and daughter Celeste made the two hour drive and spent the afternoon with them on December 27. I’m so glad that we went, and I’m so glad that I took pictures.

The Makis moved to Southern California in the summer of 1961, and inspired my parents (Frank and Dee Jilka) to move a year later. The families traveled back and forth every year to visit. Hilma and Lynne ended up going to Sonoma State University, where Mark and I were attending, which further cemented our relationship. Our families have stayed very close through the years, which is a precious thing.

The first photo is of Anja and her granddaughter, Heidi (Hilma’s daughter).

The second photo shows Anja, me, Hilma Valtatie, Susan and Lynne McWilliams. You can see two of Anja’s paintings hanging on the wall in the background.

While looking for Anja’s obituary on line, I discovered this neat little website about her:

Suzie Jilka Albin

Harper School

This is in response to a picture on your site by Mr. Bauer. The missing two first names are as follows: Debora Suchek and Mary Ann Fedewa

Sue Ann Suchek Olson

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