As I’m sure you already know, I’m Lady Daisy, and I’m beautiful. My foster parents describe me as a sweet, silly, over-grown puppy, but I am a Lady and very sensitive about such name calling.

I am extremely good-natured and kind to all classes. Even when I was raising my puppies and the servants (umm, mommy and daddy) would come to tend to us, I was very mild-mannered and gave them kisses to say “thank you.”

I am good with other dogs and kitty cats but I like to play rough with the peasant class, like my brother, the coonhound. Foster mommy says I make her laugh with the silly way I sleep on the sofa and sit upright in my lawn chair outside and whine like a 2 week old puppy when I’m being sensitive.

I never potty in the house and I know my basic Lady Dog commands. I also don’t require confinement in a crate but I don’t mind having a comfy “room” to myself if need be. Foster father says I need some leash training but I think he just doesn’t appreciate an independent lady. I’m really a very good catch for being so young. He thinks I’m less than two years old but a Lady never tells.

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Breed: Shepherd/Husky/Pitbull Terrier?
DOB: 2009
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 50 pounds
Foster home: Julianne


Little Dixie was timid and easily startled at first. She was an unclaimed stray in a shelter and she was very scared during her time there. After being in a home for a few days, she slowly started to feel more at ease. It didn’t take her too long to learn that when humans went towards a certain cupboard, doggie treats would shortly be doled out to good little fur kids. This is apparent as she dances and gets very excited especially if someone talks to her and she is pretty sure she will be getting one of the “cookies.”

We are wondering if Dixie ever had much attention, as she doesn’t seem to understand someone trying to pick her up. She does know about car rides and will run right out to the car and jump in but she acts like she hasn’t had anyone trying to pet her or hold her. She seems to enjoy being carried and when you rub her back or scratch her behind the ears, she accepts it and seems to like it but she doesn’t crave attention or a lap like many small dogs. That could change in time but it could also just be her personality.

Trying to estimate Dixie’s age is tough. Her teeth are in very poor shape and she lost quite a few when she had a dental but she was not spayed prior to coming into rescue and her physical development appears that of a young dog.

Dixie seems to be housetrained but she rarely barks so rather than waiting for her to tell us, we just let her out on a regular basis.

Whatever her age, Dixie is a sweet and wonderful dog and would make someone a great companion!

If you have any questions, please email julemson@wmol.com.

This dog is fostered in Holland, MI.

Breed: Maltese/Yorkie mix
DOB: 2007
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 11 pounds
Foster home: Julie

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