Neville and Buddie



Hi, I’m Neville. I’m a cute fellow with lots of energy and enthusiasm for life.

I am curious and alert, and I love to play, play, play with the other dogs in my foster home. I get along fine with dogs my size and larger; but the littler ones get on my nerves, so I need a forever home without small dogs or other little critters.

I am crate trained and housebroken; and since I have so much energy, I need to have a home with a fenced yard where I can play and run around.

I’m good with kids; but I’m probably a little boisterous for the really small ones, so kids over 5 years old would do best with me.

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Breed: Pug/Labrador Retriever mix
DOB: 2009
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 33 pounds
Foster home: Terrie and Tom


Buddie is a little dog with lots of Big and fun personality!

Buddie’s favorite things to do are to snuggle in his person’s lap and to run around with his toys. He loves to have a ball tossed for him or to play tug of war.

When he’s not doing those things he is probably bouncing up and down to get your attention, and even though jumping is something many people consider a bad habit, it’s actually a pretty effective way for Buddie to use up his terrier energy without getting into trouble.

Buddie bonds very strongly and very quickly with his people, and it will not take much effort to become Buddie’s new best friend.

He is very well house trained and can usually be left loose in the house without getting into trouble. In Buddie’s previous home, he was sometimes protective and excitable when strangers come to the house, so his ideal family would be one with a fairly consistent set of visitors that Buddie can adjust to.

He is also great in the car and very easy to travel with.

Buddie loves his people very much and will join them in almost any activity, whether it is walking, snuggling, or playing with toys.

Buddie gets along great with other dogs, and he likes to play with them if they ask him to. He is compatible with cats too.

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Breed: Jack Russell Terrier mix
DOB: February 2009
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 17 lbs
Foster home: Christine

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