The pets shown on here are fostered by Animal Placement Bureau in Lansing, MI.

Some pets are shown at the Petco Store in Frandor every other Sunday of the month. Next showing will be Sunday, March 25th from 12 to 4pm. Then next dates will be April 8 and April 22.


Violet Rose is one of the prettiest pitties I have had the pleasure of knowing, named for her deep blue-almost purple coloring. She was found by animal control weighing only 25lbs when she could barely walk from starvation. With a little bit of time and whole lot of food, she has plumped right back up into a beauty with the sparkle back in her eyes.

She is a very sweet girl who appears to have probably been a kennel dog that was used for breeding but Violet has taken to the finer things in life very easily.

She is house trained, crate trained and is always lying somewhere soft or following us around. She is good with other dogs although it is always a good idea to not place same sex bully breeds together.

Violet is not a huge cat fan; she is living with them, but it does take intervention at times and we do not recommend her home alone loose with them.

She loves to go for car rides to go visiting, go to the vet, meet new people, go for walks and runs and she has even gone skijoring a couple of times! She would love obedience classes and is already pretty well behaved.

Violet loves to cuddle when there is down time, she is a really wonderful companion and is looking for her best friend. We are so glad she has gotten a second chance at life. If you are interested in this sweetie, contact

Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
DOB: 2009
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 50 pounds
Foster home: Amy

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Last Modified: March 15, 2012