thinker.jpgDebbie Wasserman Shultz, Big Brother, and Rush

by Barry Bauer

Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Democrat National Party Chairman, said on Meet the Press Sunday, “It would take 45 years to produce out of oil shale from the Keystone Pipeline as much oil as we save in the increase in fuel efficiency standards from President Obama’s policy that would be implemented by the middle of the next decade.”

Oh really, Debbie, isn’t that ten years or so away? Maybe two birds in the bush are worth more than one in the hand in your neighborhood but not mine. Especially when there’s more oil and natural gas being discovered everyday.

Obama’s “green energy” hope is collapsing all around him. He belongs in the same egg basket as Al Gore and his global warming. Solar energy companies supported by taxpayer’s money are going bankrupt left and right. GM has halted production on the Chevy Volt because of lack of sales. The price of the car and the cost to operate it doesn’t excite the buyer. I’m sure Oblama will pour more taxpayer’s money into that problem.

* * *

Well, Big Brother is at it again. They’re checking school kid’s lunches to make sure they meet government standards and if they don’t, they replace it with chicken nuggets and vegetables – the proper lunch. In the case of the little girl who made national news because of this, she reportedly ate the nuggets and nothing else, not even the vegetables.

So much for a nutritional lunch.

I went to Bath school from 1953 to 1955 and they had the best cafeteria food. No chicken nuggets, no burritos, no tacos, just home cooking. They also made the best dinner rolls from scratch I’ve ever had.

We weren’t able to buy our lunches often so we had to take our own. Mostly just a sandwich, either baloney or peanut butter. There was no fruit, no vegetable, and no dessert. That would’ve made Big Brother sad.

There were times I had to share my sandwich with a locker mouse. It would chew its way into my lunch sack and eat a corner of my sandwich. I had to tear that portion off and finish the sandwich. Throwing it out wasn’t an option.

So what am I trying to say? Spit it out ol’ bauer!

Today I’m retired, reasonably sane, and living a good life. That sandwich I shared with a mouse didn’t hurt me nor did not eating government mandated meals make me obese. The biggest threat to our freedoms is from our very own government who thinks they know what’s best for us because quite frankly, they think we’re all idiots.

It isn’t supposed to be that way.

* * *

I don’t buy what they’re doing to Rush Limbaugh. Sure, he shouldn’t have used the words he did to describe Sandra Fluke who testified in front of the House panel on women’s health and birth control.

You should have heard what so-called comedian, Bill Maher, called Sarah Palin or both her and Michelle Bachman at another time. The liberal news media apparently didn’t have a problem with that because he’s one of them. It’s either right or wrong for everybody, not just a selected few.

That’s politics folks – it’s become a nasty business.

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Last Modified: March 8, 2012