thinker.jpgCarpet Patch, March Madness, and Short Thoughts

by Barry Bauer

Our kitchen carpet is fairly new. We bought a color and pattern that we thought we could drop a bowl of chili on it and never see it. Well, so far we haven’t spilled any chili on it but I did something worse – it’s called Gorilla Glue.

We had a chair that was coming apart at the joints so I used what I thought was a little of this stuff to re-glue the joints. That wasn’t a good idea. Gorilla Glue acts like foam insulation in a can that expands to fill the void. Needless to say it expanded and oozed out on the carpet.

Before we discovered the mess it had already hardened and presented a problem as to how to clean it up. I tried scrapping it but it was too hard. That forced me to bring out the secret weapon, a heat gun.

That was another dumb mistake. The heat gun tended to melt the carpet fibers.

We had scrap pieces left over from when the carpet was originally installed and so we got in touch with the guy who laid the carpet and he did a beautiful job of patching the piece in. Now there’s no sign that ol’ bauer had ever been there.

Even the carpet layer agreed that Gorilla Glue is nasty stuff.

* * *

My son-in-law has a friendly “March Madness” basketball pool every year and of course I have to get in even though I don’t know a thing about it. I was never a big basketball fan so the only games I watch are during this month’s tournament. I’ve only been to one pro basketball game and saw Wilt Chamberlain play but pro basketball is boring to me. I like the college games where 68 teams (was 64) try to avoid the one-game end of their season.

How much does the pool cost you ask? Isn’t that gambling and isn’t it against the law? This is when I dummy up. I know nothing.

I’ve never won the pool nor am I likely to ever win it. It’s just fun to get involved and watch some young guys play their hearts out on the courts.

* * *

Short thoughts:

I finally think I’ve figured out why my VCR kept changing the time. It has a setting you can either have auto clock set or manual. I turned if off and the time hasn’t changed since. Must be it was getting the wrong signals.

I climbed to the top of the sledding hill at City Park for the same reason people climb mountains, because it’s there. I wanted to take a few pictures of whatever showed up at that height. I got a picture but was disappointed with the view. I got back down safely even though I knew that if I made one misstep I’d be coming down the fast way.

The Robins are back hopping all over the place. I don’t think we had much frost this winter so I’m guessing they’re finding worms. I’m always confused as to whether the Robins see the worms or hear them. They’re always tilting their heads to one side which could mean they’re either doing one or both. I should look that up.

The Detroit Tigers are already playing like world champion in the Grapefruit League. So far they’re 8-1. It’s going to be a good year for baseball fans.

Until the next time . . .

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Last Modified: March 15, 2012