Bath High School Staff Appreciation Luncheon – May 10 and Meet the Candidate

On behalf of the community of Bath Township, we wish to thank each staff member of Bath Community Schools for an outstanding year of dedication.

A brunch will be held at BHS on May 10th to show our appreciation.

“We want the staff members and volunteers of Bath Community Schools to know how very much they are appreciated and just how grateful we are, as community members, parents and caregivers, to be able to entrust our young adults to them.

“Accolades for the high standard of education they provide and their dedication to educating each student to achieve academic excellence,” says C. J. Modolo, President, BHS Renaissance.

Any community member who wishes to make a monetary contribution may do so by contacting C. J. Modolo

Silva holds a meet and greet

This past Saturday, April 21st Becky and I held a “meet and greet” at Swanys Pub and Grub in downtown St. Johns. I
got the opportunity to talk to many people both those who had heard of the event along with restaurant patrons passing

We received many generous donations and had a great time hanging out getting to know people.

Lucky for us, a couple of people that stopped by inquired about volunteer opportunities and lucky for them, there are
many volunteers positions to be had.

Thanks to all who came out. The support that we have experienced and the help that we have received is truly a blessing.

Paul Silva

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Last Modified: April 26, 2012