Updates on Wilson family fire and the Steel Hotel

We Genealogists of the Clinton County Historical Society noticed your request for information on the SJ Indy website regarding a news article about the tragic fire of the Wilson family.

The event was described in the Clinton County Republican-News dated 20 Jun 1946.

Francis M. Wilson is buried in St. Johns at Mt. Rest Cemetery. We could find no evidence that either Ellis Wilson or Kenneth Smith are buried in Clinton Co.

The CCR-N was a weekly paper printed on Thursdays so the article you have, dated 17 June, may be from the Lansing State Journal.

If you give us your Post Office address, we will mail a copy of the CCR-N article to you. You may want to visit our website at www.dewittlibrary.com/CCHS

Steel Hotel remembered

I enjoyed the little article and photo of the Steel Hotel that you mentioned in your blog in February. http://miserybay.usanethosting.com/wordpress/2012/02/back-118/

Robert M. Steel was my mother’s great-grandfather and her grandmother was Caroline Louise Steel Waldron; Betsy Steel Baldwin Johnson is my mother’s name.

My three siblings and I grew up listening to the tales my mother related to us about the Steels and their fascinating history, and I recently purchased an antique postcard of the Steel Hotel (eBay) and having enjoyed relating the story to my own children.

Thanks again for your mention of this bit of Michigan (and my) history.


Cindy L. Johnson Haynes
10175 Halsey Drive
Madison, AL 35756

[Editor’s note: Cindy might want to know that the other side of her family is still represented on Clinton Ave. This Spaulding, Dean’s and GilRoy’s Hardware building is located directly across the street from the old Steel Hotel site. It was built by Caddie Steel Waldron’s husband, Edwin. She was the only daughter of R.M. Steel and married Waldron on April 4, 1889.

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Last Modified: April 12, 2012