Bath disaster, Radio shop and a true sportsman

I always find any articles regarding The Disaster interesting. It seems that the teacher who perished in it, Blanche Harte, was my great aunt on my father’s side. My grandmother didn’t talk about it much, but I do remember her showing me as a child/young person the watch that Blanche had worn that day. If my memory serves me right, it was cracked. Do not know what happened to it. And like all of us, in our “older” years, I wish I had asked many, many more questions when I had people to ask. I was able to attend the dedication of the memorial years ago as still lived in Michigan

Speaking of that,I believe Barry’s article mentioned that they are considering changes to that site. As I now live in Florida, I don’t hear about things like that. Can anyone tell me more about that?

I also want to say thanks for the SJIndy. I have always enjoyed it.

Adella (Dolly) Schoals Lyon, class of 1962

Back in the 1940’s my grandpa (Howard Sturgis) ran a radio shop someplace on Main St., perhaps across from what was the L&L Cafe. Ever heard of it or seen any pics?

I remember him talking about all kinds of people lining up in front of the front window to watch the new-fangled Television gizmo.

Bev Sturgis Bernhard

Trebesh is a true sportsman

People who know me know I have been a life-long member of the national rifle association., The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and The North American Hunting Club. People know I have hunted extensively for many years throughout North America and truly enjoy this experience and believe future generations should have a equal opportunity to experience the great outdoors.

Because of my experience and extensive history of sportsmanship, I will not support a candidate for public office who does not share my belief and position on hunting and responsible gun ownership.

I have known Michael Trebesh for over 30 years, and I know Mr. Trebesh is a true friend of the sports-person and will stand strong in his support of hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation. Mr. Trebesh is a member in good standing with the National Rifle Association and has enjoyed years of hunting and responsible gun ownership. Michael Trebesh is the sports-person candidate for the 93 rd district State Representative seat.

Citizens who enjoy fishing, hunting and shooting should join me in supporting Trebesh for our next State Representative. Mr. Trebesh is a true sportsman and takes gun ownership seriously. He is firm in his support of the second amendment and responsible gun ownership.

Vote Trebesh August 7.

Arden S.Pierson

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Last Modified: May 24, 2012