Coast Guard flag and Trebesh has fruit

I’m curious to know why the United States Coast Guard isn’t represented with the other branches of military flags?

Thank you,
Becky Kilpatrick

Trebesh has fruit on the tree

I’m not going to vote for Michael Trebesh to be our next 93rd district State Representative because of anything he has said during his campaign. I’m voting for Michael Trebesh because I firmly believe in what the Bible speaks of when it tells us to judge a tree by its fruits.

All Republican politicians in this election are going to try to tell you how pro-life they are, but not a single one of them can match Michael Trebesh’s life long record as being uncompromisingly pro-life, and a long time member of Michigan Right to Life.

Trebesh has served as a Right to Life board member; has participated in numerous fund raisers throughout the years; has worked in the Right to Life booths at fairs and the Saint John’s Mint Festival; and has participated in numerous Right to Life state conventions.

Michael Trebesh doesn’t just believe in the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness- he lives it. He has fought for years to give our state’s unborn children the chance to come into this world to live the American Dream filled with happiness and liberty.

Yes, I will indeed be mighty proud to vote for Michael Trebesh in the upcoming Republican primary- because I do judge a tree by its fruits, and a man by his deeds. And Michael Trebesh’s exemplary pro-life background and all of his other work for various charities have proven to me throughout the years that we couldn’t possibly elect a better person for our next state representative than Michael Trebesh! Vote Trebesh August 7th.

Tim and Gina Karasek
St Johns, Michigan

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Last Modified: May 31, 2012