Prom 2012

With an album by Maralyn Fink

Saturday afternoon started my journey with the St Johns High School Prom. Meeting with Kelsey Davison and Andy Mullikin, the couple that I am shadowing for the prom.

I arrived at the home of Kelsey and captured Andy arriving, flower box in hand. After the wrist corsage and boutonniere were in place, pictures were taken of the couple and Kelsey’s parents Brooke Davison and John Hoekje.

From there, we traveled to the home of Ryan and Sarah
Cressman, who opened their home for pictures of the whole group of friends. This was a great setting and fun to watch the beaming parents taking their own pictures to capture the moment.

The weather could have been better, but the couples with their tuxedos and beautiful gowns outshone the dreary skies. On to dinner for Kelsey and Andy who met their friends at the Olive Garden in East Lansing where the couples dined on great food, laughter, and making new memories.

I headed to the Town & Country Banquet Center in Ithaca where the prom is held, and couples were starting to arrive.
The group arrived so it was time to recapture the moment.

This years Prom Theme was “Jungle” which was decorated by the Junior Class the day before. Mr. Rodney Paige provided his DJ Music for the event. Dancing started, and I headed to the snack table. A gal needs energy after watching these couples.

Well, things were underway, so I decided to head home. It was getting late so I stopped for another cookie or two, you know, “for the road”.

Driving home I wandered back to my era and my prom, how much different it was then; but I still have my memories of those times to keep.

In closing, I would like to thank Kelsey and Andy for letting me focus on them, to Brooke and John, for letting me into their home for pictures, and to Ryan and Sarah Cressman for their welcome.

Thank you, Mr. Lund, for letting me do this and to the Prom Committee on Friday. Thanks to all the couples who I may have blinded and without all of you, this would not have been possible.

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Last Modified: May 3, 2012