The Chess Tournament
With an album by Maralyn Fink

Thought I would return to the halls of St. Johns High School where I found the Chess Team eagerly playing in their tournament. Now I know nothing about chess, only that the black and white pieces are moved around. Must be something like checkers I thought, so this shouldn’t be too hard.

I observed some of the players for a while; and while there was complete silence in the room, I moved about cautiously so not to disturb these thinkers. The team are very serious thinkers about their next move, so who am I to make a wrong move?

The Chess Club was formed 4 years ago and is led by Mr. Rich Lund. In speaking with David Collins afterwards, I learned that there are around 20 members on the team. They meet in late spring and continue until the tournament closes for the season. This tournament started on Tuesday May 15 and goes through Thursday May 24.

There are 4 rounds and everyone plays in every round, but positions are determined by how many games they each win. At the end, if needed, there is a tie-breaker on the last day. There is a 1st and 2nd place winner. Awards are a Chess Clock and a Trophy. Everyone who participates in the Tournament will receive a Chess Magazine.

My spokesperson, David Collins, said that the Chess Club is not just ideal for those who are good, but for everyone who enjoys the game or wants to know. When asked about the Instructor, his reply was that Mr. Lund is immensely helpful and knows his game very well. “He is not only our Instructor, but he is willing to help everyone on the team and give us helpful tips. We as a team look up to him.”

Well, mission accomplished and I thank Mr. Lund, the Chess Team members and all who helped in the interview. Special thanks to David and Chase.

I came away with a sense of pride for this group for the time and effort that they put into this club. I will visit you again and Checkmate!