thinker.jpgA Dilemma and Short Thoughts

by Barry Blauer

A man who owns his house and property decides one day he wants to dig a hole. Soon after he started he was paid a visit by a local official wanting to know what he was building and where’s his building permit, it’s supposed to be posted?

“I’m not building anything, he says, I’m just digging a hole.”

Shortly after that he’s paid a visit from a county official wanting to know why he’s putting in a pond and where was his permit?

“I’m not putting a pond in; I’m just digging a hole.”

“Sir, the county official said, you’ll have to have a fence around it.”

The landowner replied, “look around you, it’s already fenced in.”

Then an official from the federal government shows up and says, “Mister, you can’t put a mine here, you don’t own the mining rights!”

“I’m not putting a mine here; I’m just digging a hole.”

The final visitor was a local policeman who told him, “You’ll have to fill that back in, the neighbors are complaining.”

All of this over a hole in the ground.

This is our dilemma, folks, and it’s more complicated then just digging a hole. It means our government is closing in on us.

We are losing our freedoms and we are losing our right to live as dignified human beings. You only have to check in at a commercial airport for a flight to see what I mean. We’re subjected to government mandated groping. Just a few years ago these gropers would be sent to prison for sexual misconduct. The government bureaucrats got this idea for screening from watching dog shows. That’s where dogs are examined stem to stern by a judge who will also check their “package.”

All of this touching and scanning has come up with some real important things to the government. Some women have large breast, some guys are well endowed, the elderly may have a bladder bag, and some babies have soiled diapers.

Wow, I feel safer already.

Meanwhile the would be terrorists know they’re safe because we’re not allowed to “profile” and that folks is what the most threatened country in the world, Israel, uses as their number one tool to thwart attacks.

All of this means we’re dumb for allowing it, and we’re easily herded like so many cattle.

* * *

Short Thoughts:

In this country’s 236 years of existence we’ve been involve in 12 major wars that lasted almost 53 years.

I am convinced that if Tom Edison were still alive today he’d find a cure for baldness. Tom’s my hero.

If Oblamacare survives the Supreme Court then I’ll no doubt lose my company paid for health insurance. That means I’ll have to pay for mine plus part of somebody else’s. So that’s the hopeless change he promised.

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Last Modified: May 31, 2012