Gather for first reunion in 20 years

by Barry Bauer

This photo is the only one they had. There were no senior pictures or yearbooks that year. It probably was due to the War effort.

The RBW Class of 1942 gathered at Main Street Café Saturday, June 16, for a class reunion, the first one in twenty years.

While eating their lunch the 1942 graduates shared stories about school and things that happened to them since then. One came as far away as Oregon.

A lot of these guys headed off to War after graduation and contributed to the victory that finally came.

Bonnie Wickerham did a great job of organizing this occasion.

l. to r.: Richard Clark, Forrest Swatman, Doris Heathman Swatman, and Fraser Mackinnon

l. to r.: Mark Shelly, Irving Walker, Mary Ellen Walker, June Young’s daughter, June Birdsley Young, and Evelyn French Shelly

l. to r.: Leola Rhynard Thurston, Mary Ellen Elliott Sievert, Lillian Rossow Law, Bonnie Westmoreland Wickerham, Dorothy Housel Burley, and Charlotte Rose

l. to r.: Lavoyda Anderson, Duane Hefty, Louella Hefty, Jerry Anderson, and Adelbert Anderson

1st row: Lillian Rossow Law and Doris Heathman Swatman
2nd row: Leola Rhynard Thurston, Dorothy Housel Burley and June Birdsley Young
3rd row: Irving Walker, Charlotte Rose, Fraser MacKinnon, Duane Hefty, Richard Clark, Adelbert Anderson, Evelyn French Shelly, Mary Ellen Elliott Sievert, and Bonnie Westmoreland Wickerham

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Last Modified: June 28, 2012