thinker.jpgAurora, The Election, and Short Thoughts

by Barry Blauer

Death sure didn’t take a holiday last week in Aurora, Colorado. The theater is a gun free zone but of course anybody hell bent on doing something like this will ignore their policy. Holmes prove that. Because the people licensed to carry concealed had to leave their guns at home, nobody was able to stop him.

The liberal left immediately jump on this with calls for more gun controls just like the Biblical Adam and Eve and other family members called for club control after Cain slew Abel to prevent anybody else from being killed by a club.

A second generation man killed his brother and we’ve been going at it ever since. We shouldn’t forget that Timothy McVeigh killed 168 with a bomb using kerosene and fertilizer.

They showed Holmes during his first appearance in court and he looks like something sub-human. He’s not one of us. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to him to make up for any of this.

* * *

Boy, the NCAA really came down hard on Penn State, not that they didn’t deserve it. Some people think it was too harsh but obviously something had to be done.

Sandusky retired a year after the first reported incident in the shower with a boy. Some people think he was encouraged to retire but yet he retained certain privileges on campus including the shower room. Why they didn’t ban him from campus period is the $64,000 question. This whole thing seems like a repeat of Watergate where the cover-up was a worse crime than the third-rate burglary that started it all.

The once mighty Penn State has been brought down by its own people who knew a crime was committed on their campus but lacked enough character to do something about it.


* * *

The presidential election is starting to get real interesting. It’s not what Romney’s doing so much as it is what Oblama is saying.

The road for Oblama to the White House was paved by somebody or some group. How else do you explain how he literally came from nowhere to become president?

Hope and change is all we heard out of him. I don’t recall hearing the details of what that meant. Three and one half years later we’re finally learning. Every time Oblama goes off teleprompter he reveals more and more about himself and his plans.

I’ve heard him called a Marxist, a Fascist, a socialist, and even heard one radio show host come right out and say, “He’s a communist.” I’ve never heard this said about any other president in my time. People aren’t as shocked by that as they were in the fifties. I wonder why?

There’s a distinct rotten smell in government period but the guy really on stage is Oblama. He wants to do what God didn’t do and that is to make life fair. He says nothing about it not being fair that I work hard and the guy next to me doesn’t but I have to share with him. He says nothing about whether it’s fair that one person is ugly and the next one beautiful. He says nothing about it being fair that one person is smart and the other one isn’t.

The reason for that is life isn’t fair, never has been, and never will be. That’s life folks. There’s a dangerous man in the White House and if we are to survive as America and not Ameяica he has to be removed.

* * *

Short Thoughts:

Don’t let the bias mainstream news media (NBC, CBS, & ABC) elect your next president for you.

I just finished reading, “The Sixth Man,” by David Baldacci. That book took off right out of the gate and was hard to put down. I’m currently reading, “Total Control,” by the same author. It started off slow and then took off. I’m enjoying my Kindle Fire so much I have to charge it every night.

The Summer Olympics last over two weeks but the only thing I plan on watching is boxing. I like to watch the heavyweights knock each other into next week.

Until the next time . . .

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Last Modified: July 26, 2012