thinker.jpgThrough the Wormhole, Kindle Fire E-mail, and Short Thoughts

by Barry Blauer

Morgan Freeman, one of my favorite actors, appeared on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson the other night. He’s hosting a show on SCI Channel called, “Through the Wormhole.” The definition of a Wormhole is: a hypothetical connection between widely separated regions of space-time.

It’s based on Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity” which says that time travel is possible. You remember Einstein don’t you? He’s the guy with a two terabyte brain while the rest of us are operating on 64 kilobytes.

These “brainy” guys come up with all sorts of theories and we can’t even argue with them. Einstein’s theory also says nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Some scientists think they’ve proved him wrong because that got a subatomic particle called neutrinos to travel a shade faster by 60 nanoseconds. Now that’s something we all can understand.

I’m betting they screwed up the test and Einstein is still right.

Anyway, Through the Wormhole also looks into other things such as what aliens might look like, is there a creator, what makes us who we are, can we resurrect the dead, and all kinds of other interesting subjects.

I know one thing for sure; no alien creature built like an ant has ever build a Flying Saucer.

Ironically one of the main characters in, “The Sixth Man,” by David Baldacci, is also a brainy guy. He has Eidetic memory which is a higher level than someone with just photographic memory. He also retains sensory information, what he sees, what he smells, what he feels, etc.

And I can’t even remember yesterday.

* * *

I can get along with electronic devices but all I do is set them up as simple as possible and when there’s trouble then and only then do I get the manual out. I did the same thing when I got my new Kindle Fire. I enjoy it immensely and knew I could get on the internet but I wasn’t sure about getting e-mails but that didn’t bother me because I’ve got a desktop and a laptop so I didn’t worry about it.

I finally got curious so I decided to find out about e-mail. I tried to find my way through it with no luck so I e-mailed Charter for help. The tech support guy gave me instructions for setting it up which I printed it off.

I went through the instructions several times and got a message saying login failed every time. It kept showing me that so I was going to have my son-in-law do it for me but not before I gave it one more try. I had instructions in hand and turned the Kindle on. I clicked on the e-mail icon and guess what was looking back at me . . . my e-mail.

Go figure.

* * *

Short Thoughts:

If basketball is played mostly in the winter why is it a Summer Olympics sport?

People ask me what I think of Rap music. Well actually they don’t but if they did I already have an answer for them. I’d rather watch a bank commercial.

Who the hell cares about Bain Capital! Let’s get back to the real issues facing this nation. The economy, energy, open borders, the U.N.’s intrusion on our Constitution, etc.

Oblama’s ruling this nation with executive orders and executive privilege. Is this the change you wanted? If the United Nation’s gun control treaty is signed by Hillary Clinton and ratified by the Senate it will supersede our Constitution and eliminate the Second Amendment. Don’t let Oblama disarm America.

If it’s possible that no two snowflakes are alike then it’s also possible that no two raindrops land in exactly the same spot. Let those geniuses figure that one out.

Until the next time . . .

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Last Modified: July 20, 2012