thinker.jpgFacebook, Oblama, and Furthermore

by Barry Blauer

Facebook can be a perilous place to be during a presidential election. I know that first hand. People want to express their political opinions and of course others have a need to reply, including me. The election this year is bringing out the worse in all of us.

I had a friend on Facebook who happens to be a Black female. I don’t remember if she sent a friend’s request or I did. It doesn’t really matter. She’s an Oblama supporter and I’m a Romney supporter and therein lies the problem. She posted that she thought Romney should release his tax returns back to whatever number of years she mentioned. “What does he have to hide,” she asked? I just replied, “Does that include sealed college records?”

Before I knew it she disappeared from my friends list. She wasn’t very tolerant of me. I have to be allowed my opinion just like everybody else.

Then I have another fan who posted a pro-Oblama piece and I replied, “Did Oblama write this?” The posting has disappeared as far as I can tell. It didn’t go over well in a Republican county.

I don’t expect her to unfriend me, we’ve had a disagreement before and survived it.

I don’t remember posting an original piece involving politics; I do all my rantings in this column. I’m lucky I’ve been allowed to do that. One guy wrote the Indy and said I should be fired. The problem with that is I’ve never been hired! I’m what’s called a volunteer contributor, whether it be photos, or a history piece, or my Federal-Mogul project, or photos around town. All of this means a lot to me and enough people seem to enjoy it.

The editor of the Indy tolerates my musings in this column. I’m pretty sure she, like others, don’t always agree with me but there’s some folks who look forward to what sets me off week after week and I’m grateful for that.

* * *

I get it that a majority of women voters will vote for Oblama. He’s the only president since John F. Kennedy to have sex appeal. Kennedy also had that “winning smile.” His affair with Marilyn Monroe didn’t go unnoticed but most of us didn’t know about it until after his death. We also found out that Oblama can sing like Marvin Gaye and that just can’t be ignored by the ladies.

I get it that a majority of Black voters will vote for Oblama. He’s their messiah because he’s the first declared Black president even though he has a Caucasian mother. I don’t think he’s done anything for them other than being Black and he’s the president.

I get it that a majority of people on welfare will vote for Oblama. He just removed the provision in the welfare laws requiring the able bodied recipients of welfare to actively seek or have some kind of job. Even if it doesn’t pay enough to live on without assistance. At least they were contributing to their situation. What it means is these people won’t have to deal with the hassle of finding work. Isn’t that great!

I get it that a majority of Hispanics will vote for Oblama because he’s given over one million Illegals in this country a get out of jail free ticket. It might even be two million, the government doesn’t know because they’re undocumented. Can you imagine that? Oblama’s jobs program for the Illegals has just started this week. Why can’t he do that for Americans?

By his actions Oblama wants our grandchildren to end up on welfare because he’s spending their future and he doesn’t care. I believe doing this is part of his mission.

* * *

And Furthermore:

I’m glad the Mint Festival is over with. The handicap parking was out on the south forty. I turned down rides on a golf cart because I needed to get pictures along the way to the Performance Shell which by the time I got there was unoccupied. Time to go back so I asked one of the local police officers to arrest me and give me a ride back to my truck. I had enough walking already. I liked it better back when it was around the courthouse lawn. It was old man friendly.

I don’t think the Detroit Tigers are going to make it this year. They have short winning streaks and then they flip-flop around and lose a bunch of games. Jimmy Smokes is over-managing again. Maybe next year.

So the Detroit Lions lost their first pre-season game. Big Deal! I’ve seen them win all four of the games and then turn in a losing season. Go Lions!

I watched very little of the Olympics. I just couldn’t get into it. I usually love boxing but there was a bunch of no-names in the ring. Not like the old days with Sugar Ray Leonard or Teofilo Stevenson of Cuba. Of course that time is history.

Until the next time . . .

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Last Modified: August 16, 2012