mystery234thWhere is this?


Can you tell us where this is located? Drop us a line at

607 N Clinton Ave.


Jane Feldpausch writes: This house is located at 607 N Clinton Ave. The upstairs apartment was my first residence with my new husband in September 1969 until the Spring of 1972. We rented from Sam and Margaret Parks.

Jenny Fleischer adds: This weeks mystery photo is an apartment house with 4 units located on Clinton Ave in the 600 block. We lived in that back downstairs apartment in 1998 for a year while we were building a new house north of St. Johns.

The current owners are Andrew and Marjorie Minarik. Previous owners: include Derwood C. Tuttle, Sam Parks, Clarence Witchell, and Hufnagel.

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Last Modified: September 30, 2015